A Marriage Preparation Class

The mission of the class, Marriage: The Journey Begins, is to provide each couple with a faith-based, practical foundation for life-long marriage. We want this class to be a vehicle to open your eyes into areas you have not yet explored and to deepen your understanding of that special person in your life.

$75 Marriage Fee Reduction

This class qualifies for the $75.00 marriage license fee reduction. Upon completion of the class you will receive the ‘Educators Statement’ that you need to attach to your wedding license application form. Click to learn more.

Class Overview

Learn about our time, number of sessions, dates, topics, costs, etc. If you have questions, contact us, we are ready to help.

Mentoring Couples

Mentoring is a relational forum where a more experienced couple comes along side a less experienced couple to discuss the marriage journey.


We are excited to be part of the marriage preparation class, Marriage: The Journey Begins.

Register Online for Classes

You can join the class at any time. Missed sessions can be taken in the fall.